Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I have been MIA on the blog for a long time.  Lots of changes going on in our lives.  I thought I'd catch everyone up to date on our happenings.

July 2012
Announced we were leaving our jobs and ministry at the children's home.  
Moved in with my mom in Florida.  Joseph looked for work.

August 2012
Started homeschool (kindergarten) with Nehemiah.  

September 2012
Joseph finally found work!

December 2012 
Moved into our own apartment.

January 2013
Began taking Nehemiah to doctors to get some answers for sensory and behavioral issues we are having.  Ordered tests and evaluations...still waiting for answers.

Homeschool is going well.  We have our good days and bad like with anything in life.  It helps that Nehemiah is so smart.  He is reading well and has a natural curiosity about everything.  I have loosened up a lot and am realizing he learns much better through real life than sitting at a table.  I gotta keep that boy movin'!  

Life is feeling a little more settled now.  Hoping to be able to keep this updated regularly now.  I know my adoring fans are cheering wildly right now!  Hahaha!  

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