Friday, August 23, 2013

Life Update

In June, there was a shooting in our apartment breezeway so that night we moved back in with my mom.  Yeah, not cool.  We knew at that point that Joseph was probably going to get the job with Bonnie Plant Farm and that we would be moving closer to the plant station anyways.  

In July, he started the new job and we found a cute rental house in Lake Wales.  We got moved and things have finally settled down a little.  

In August, we started 1st grade!  I cannot believe my little boy is getting so BIG! 

In a couple weeks I am going on a business trip to Seattle, WA for an Omnitrition training school.  I am super excited about that.  We will receive top-notch training from the company leaders and learn tons of info from the doctors that helped formulate the products and supplements!  Be prepared to hear more about all of that! ;) 

Be on the look-out for more blog posts coming soon!

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