Saturday, August 24, 2013

Homeschool 2013-2014 First Grade

I thought I'd outline what curricula we are using this year in case anyone is interested. 

Long Story Short Devotional
Saxon  Math 1
Apologia Astronomy and Jr. Notebooking Journal
Shurley English 1
Foundations A by The Logic of English
Cursive (within Foundations book)
AWANA Sparks 

We will do Explode the Code 3 after we complete Foundations.  We will also take light weeks and choose a Five in a Row book to study and make a lap book.  Nehemiah loves FIAR and lap books! 

Being in a new area, I haven't met any homeschoolers in real life yet but I have connected online with a few from our church.  Hoping to meet up with them soon and find out which homeschool group to join around here.  

We have completed 2 weeks of school already and so far it is going well.  Nehemiah is very smart and cooperates for the most part.  Not sure how to get him to not throw a fit about reading each day.  When it is time to read, he has a tantrum and says he can't and won't read. I tell him he has no choice, then he proceeds to read the lesson smoothly and easily.  It is an emotional battle to say the least...ugh! 

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