Friday, September 20, 2013

Health Overhaul

Back in April, my husband and I took a leap and decided to try something to change our health.  We are in our early 30's but we were obese and felt much older.  We wanted to be able to keep up with our son and live to see him grown and with a  family.  We wanted to have energy to be able to serve the Lord wholeheartedly and to live free of emotional eating.  This had been a life-long struggle for us both.

That something we took a leap on is called Omnitrition.  Omnitrition is a 24 year old health and nutrition company.  They have supplements for weight loss, energy, better sleep, overall nutrition, workout support and more!  The #1 selling product for almost 24 years is their liquid vitamin Omni IV.  It is truly amazing and I hate to go even one day without it.

We each had about 100 lbs to lose, give or take.  I still am not sure where I will end up.  I have no particular number or size in mind.  I just want to feel healthy and be able to live life fully!

We loved our results and how we felt almost immediately and also began building a business.  It is easy to sell something when you believe in it 100% and can stand behind the products!

Here are some examples of GREAT products!

I will be sharing much more about our journey so far in the weeks and months to come.  So far I have lost over 57 lbs since April!  Joseph has lost over 68 lbs!  If we can do it, ANYONE can!

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