Monday, October 7, 2013

Week 1: Be Prepared

How do we prepare for the holidays when we are trying to lose/maintain our weight?

Like the Scouts say, "Be prepared."  I have only gotten this far in my weight loss journey because I have taken the extra step to prepare in advance. 
When invited to a party where everyone brings something, bring a couple dishes or items that you know you can have and enjoy.  Adjust your favorite recipes to be healthier versions that are still really yummy!

Eat beforehand if necessary.  This gives you more time to focus on visiting and making memories.

Think ahead to all your favorite holiday treats.  Which ones are deep tradition that you feel you just cannot live without?  What is so important that the holiday just won't seem like that holiday without it?  Which items/goodies are only just so-so?  If you are going to splurge, use moderation and only splurge on items that are absolute favorites.  Don't waste a splurge on items that are just so-so.  No brainer really but think ahead to the gatherings in the next few months and decide ahead of time what you are willing to splurge on.  In the past, anything covered in chocolate or containing chocolate was worth eating but now I am much more careful with my choices.  I am still thinking of what I will splurge on but I do know I will have a small scoop of my mom's mashed potatoes and gravy and corn casserole at Thankgiving, and a couple peanut butter cookies with Hershey kisses in them at Christmas.  Those are favorites that came to mind right away.  I personally could skip the pies and such.  I will have a small piece of my son's birthday cake (special home made ice cream cake by my Mom). What is on your must-have list???

Use "cheat and eat" products from Omnitrition.  They can be ordered here.  

• Fat blocker
• Made from outer shells of shellfish, and attaches to fat you eat and carries it out of the body in a very nice way.
• We call these the “FUN Couple” (Phaso and Chito)
• Great for many intestinal/bowel issues
• Diarrhea/Constipation
• If you open up capsule and make a paste with water, it helps take the ouch out of burns, cuts, stings and bites
• Minimizes scaring and overnight you will see a huge difference

• Carb/sugar blocker
• Made out of white kidney beans
• Stops the conversion of starches to sugars in your body.
• We call these the “FUN Couple” (Phaso and Chito)
• Great Beer calorie blocker, or any other type of “liquid bread”
• Should not be used while on the Omni Drops Program

Tune in next week for more tips for the holidays!

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