Monday, March 10, 2014


On February 3rd our home study to adopt from foster care in Florida was completed! Woohoo!  I was giddy and it all of a sudden felt so real.  It was about to get even more real.  

A few days later we were informed about a sibling group of 3 for adoption and given a brief bio on them. We both felt great about it and requested that our home study be submitted for further consideration.  

We were contacted for a phone interview by the agency the following week.

On Friday February 14th we were called and told they chose us as a match for the kids!  I was in tears and felt like I had gotten 3 positive pregnancy tests all at once!  

The next Wednesday we went for a full disclosure meeting part 1.  We listened for 2 hours straight all about the kids, their history and birth family.  They sent us home with a 5 inch binder full of all their information and records (a little light reading...ha!). 

Thursday February 27th we went for full disclosure part 2 to talk over any questions that came up in our "light" reading and hear from foster parents and others that work with the children.  It all went well and any remaining concerns we had dissipated after discussing it all.  We continued to pray about it and seek wise counsel. 

On Monday March 3rd we told them YES we would like to proceed to visits! 


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  2. Yay! Will be praying as you start the visiting process. God is so good and so fully of surprises!

  3. Soooooooo exciting!!!!! Will be praying for you :-)


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