Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Second Visit

Today was the best anniversary ever!  We got to spend over 2.5 hours with all of our kiddos!

We met at a nearby park and had so much fun.  The boys all seemed to get along and play together well.

Baby girl fussed a little at the beginning but was happy once she had a rattle to hold and was in the sling.

We kicked the soccer ball around, threw the football, played policeman, pushed them on the swings and watched them play on the playground equipment.  Had chances to interact with each of them more than last time.  They remembered us from last week and were excited to see us, it seemed.

The worker that knows the kids well and was supervising the visit kept saying how great she thought  we would all be together.  She said she could see how we all fit and were bonding already.  She snapped a few pictures that I hope to get copies of later.

Middle boy (G) kept looking for Joseph all throughout the afternoon and really seemed to have bonded with him.  It was so cute!  He would say, "where'd he go?" And I'd ask "who? Brother? Nehemiah?" He'd say, "no, where Joseph go?" I'd point to where Joseph was and he'd be happy again.    Later he got a ride on Joseph's shoulders and really liked that!

Oldest boy (J) let me know that he knew I'd been in contact with his foster mom through email and that she was telling him the nice things I was writing about him. He looked happy and proud.  When we arrived he said "I knew it'd be you coming today!" :)

Looking forward to another visit on Saturday and so very glad we don't have to wait a full week to see them again.

Praying for their hearts as they start to realize the changes that will be happening in the coming months, especially for Oldest boy (J) since he is really the only one that understands right now, besides Nehemiah.

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