Thursday, March 27, 2014

Grandma Laura meets the Kids!

Yesterday we had another fun park day with all the kids and Grandma Laura got to come and meet them.  She, of course, fell in love with them right away and not far into the visit they were calling her Grandma already!

The boys love all the attention and are happy and fun kids.  I can tell we will be spending a lot of time outdoors and at parks!  If only we could bottle up all their energy!  With middle boy, I got to be Dora and Joseph was Boots the monkey and he was Diego most of the time.  We played baseball and tag together too.

Gots lots of smiles and cuddles from baby girl yesterday and tried the Moby wrap for the first time.  It worked great and felt so snug and safe.  She liked the Robin hip hold that I learned from a YouTube Moby tutorial.  I put baby down on a big blanket and she was scooting forward in an army crawl position!  I couldn't believe it!  As a mom you don't want your baby to grow up too fast, but you REALLY don't when they aren't even living with you yet!

It just about broke my heart loading two of them into the transport worker's car when it was time to go.  I know it will just get harder as we attach more and more.  Baby girl was buckled in car seat crying and reaching her tiny hands up to me.

When the visit was over we took oldest boy in our car to his baseball field and stayed to watch his game.  He got two great hits and he loved the fact that we were all there to watch him.  :)

During the day we were able to have conversations with oldest boy about homeschool, chores and the kids coming to visit our house on the weekend.  He was excited and says he likes chores.  We have been told all along he really likes to help so that will be great! He was also excited about the fact that school can be over by lunch time if he works hard and has a good attitude.

Absolutely love their hugs!  Oldest boy gave us each about a dozen hugs when it was time to go.  It is so cute to see an almost 9 year old boy completely jump up into Joseph's arms for hugs.  He is very affectionate!

A counselor that has been working with the kids is coming to our house this week to talk through any concerns I have so far and to start working with Nehemiah through his feelings about it all.  I am so thankful that this service is available to us.  It will help us in huge ways.  Adopting from the state has so many benefits.

We will be having a virtual baby shower thrown for us soon so keep an eye out for that via Facebook.  In the meantime, you can help by checking out my blog post titled, "How YOU can be involved with our adoption".  I have started working on a Walmart wish list for a "special occasion" also.  We appreciate so much the gifts we've already received.  Things are moving quickly and it all really helps.

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