Monday, March 17, 2014

How YOU can be Involved in Our Adoption

Many of you have asked how you can help us or what we need for the kids/our expanded family.  Thank you, first of all, for praying for us and caring for us!  Secondly, thank you for reaching out and asking!  

We NEED your prayers.  This is going to be a HUGE adjustment for everyone involved (us, Nehemiah and the kids...including the foster parents that are attached to these kids).  

We NEED you to be positive and encouraging.  We already know it will be hard and we know the horror stories and we know the possible issues that may arise.  And we know we will have our hands full!  We have said yes to adoption in obedience to God because He has placed a burden on our hearts for kids in foster care and a love for them.  We are trusting God to help us each step of the way.  We have resources and support in place to help with all of the needs.  So please, just be encouraging.  

We will NEED help with meals once the kids move in. We expect this to happen in May/June. We will know more specifically as our visits progress.   In mid-April we will mostly likely start having them for the weekends.

To sign up for MealTrain use this link:

If you feel led to contribute to material or financial needs, here are some possible ways to help:

1 backless booster for the car
Diapers (size 3 or 4)/Good nights (size 4-8)
Board books
Board games
Wii games/remotes
Leap pad apps/games
Baby gates (we need several)
Video or regular baby monitor
Mini van (joking, unless of course you have one to give us!)
Deep freezer or a refrigerator/freezer
2 bikes (16 inch and 20 inch)
2 scooters
2-3 Helmets
High chair
Sam's or Costco membership
Legoland passes
Baby toys (12 month+)

Clothes (baby girl 9-12 months; boys size S/6, M/8, L/10)
Twin Bedding (3 boys comforters- Lego themed room most likely)
One Twin Bed
Fitted Crib sheets
Shoes (boys: size 12 with Velcro, size 1, size 3)
Homeschool materials (if you want to help with this, ask me what I'm looking for)
Desktop computer to use for homeschool 

Gift cards: 
   Grocery stores (Winn Dixie and Publix are nearby)

Thank you to those who have already given us items we needed!  Thanks so much for loving on us and our kids! 

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