Friday, March 14, 2014

First Visit

Wednesday was our first visit with the 3 siblings we want to adopt.  We had previously planned for a park day but the intermittent rain all day spoiled that plan.  Backup plan was a local bowling alley.

The boys were all so excited and were a little wild!  Everyone seemed to get along and fun was had by all!  It was interesting juggling my attention between all of them while holding and keeping baby happy.  My awesome sister in law is sending me a moby wrap so next time will be easier with some of my hands free to interact with the boys.  Dividing my attention between them all will take some getting used to and practice but it went very well.  Joseph was able to come but was extremely tired from work.  He did get some baby snuggles and helped the boys bowl too.

We hated for it to end and are really looking forward to next week's visit and praying for good weather for the park!  :)

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