Monday, June 23, 2014

Overdue update

Haven't blogged about our adoption because, well, we are right in the thick of it and there isn't time!

G (6) moved in May 9
Baby I moved in a week later
J (9) moved in June 7

Things have been a little insane around here.  It is a painful process becoming a family but it will be worth it I know.

Baby is teething and hitting separation anxiety stage along with the insecurity of being moved from foster family.  So there's that. She is currently crawling after me screaming her head off as if I abondoned her, simply because I walked 10 ft to the kitchen to grab her bottle.

Then there are 3 boys sharing a room....YIKES! There is much talk of bodily functions day and night, giggling, wrestling, arguing, pushing limits and seeing what they can get away with.

The biggest obstacle has been getting meals made since baby screams no matter what I do unless I hold her.  It's gotten a little easier with a Lillebaby carrier that someone gave me, but hasn't totally solved that issue.

Please keep praying for us and if you are local and want to bring a meal, we'd appreciate it.  Grocery gift cards are another welcomed commodity since these boys can EAT!  :)

Other adoption friends have said it is about the 6 month mark when you finally feel like you can breathe again.  Then each 6 months after that you seem to turn a corner.  I'm looking forward to those days.  ;)

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