Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Moving Right Along

We had another Wednesday visit last week and will discontinue those now that the weekends are being extended.  We had both boys from Friday at lunch time until Sunday at 4 pm.  Baby girl came from Saturday morning until Sunday afternoon.

Everything went great and the kids are all really bonding with each other and us.  G turned 6 last week so we had a birthday celebration for him on Sunday when Grandma Laura came over.

Each Monday after visits, I have been completely drained mentally and emotionally.  This Monday however I felt almost "normal."  I also really missed the kids instead of sighing with relief that we survived the weekend again.  I wasn't ready to send them back home and also felt sad that we won't see them for the park visit on Wednesday.

G will be the first one to move in so he is having a longer visit this weekend.  He is coming Thursday through Sunday and then will move in on May 9th! I have been working on getting things lined up for his school transfer and hoping to tour the new school the end of this week or next week.  Just waiting on his IEP to be sent over.

There is no exact date for baby to move....hoping for sooner than later.  J will move June 7th right after school ends because he needs that closure.  Can't wait to have all my babies living here for good! I will finally feel so relieved!

We will celebrate J's 9th birthday this coming Sunday! Thankful we won't miss any more birthdays or special moments in their lives.

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