Thursday, April 3, 2014

He Sets the Lonely in Families

We don't think the boys have been in church much, if at all.  This brings with it sadness that they don't yet know of God's great love and also an opportunity for us to show them in our everyday life and actions.  Psalm 68 was on my heart this morning and as I was reading I was reminded that God is a "Father to the fatherless," that "He sets the lonely in families," and "Our God is a God who saves."  Our prayer is that they would learn to love and trust us and in turn love and trust Christ with their lives.  Pray with us about this!

Our visit yesterday at the park went well.  Baby girl definitely recognized us this time and was so happy and relaxed with us.  The boys were excited to see us and had a good time.  Each of the boys had a few run-ins with each other but with some space calmed down quickly.  We are starting to see some testing of boundaries, which is completely normal and expected.

There was a little boy at the playground that was hitting all of the kids and calling names and didn't appear to have a grown up watching him.  Our boys did fairly well refraining from hitting back.  We had a great opportunity to talk with them about what to do in those situations and that it is always best to make good choices even when other people around us are not.

When it was time to go, we literally had to coax middle boy out from under the playground equipment because he was refusing to leave and get in transport workers' car.  I ended up carrying him all the way to the car and buckling him in.  It is hard for all of us to say bye at the end of our visits and I think it is even harder for him since he is only 5 and doesn't quite understand what is really going on or what adoption is.  Since oldest boy is kind of on our way home, we took him to his baseball game and stayed to watch.  He really likes that we are able to watch him play.  Side note: little league parents are CRAZY! Yikes!

Yesterday morning, Nehemiah met with the counselor for the first time and it went great.  He actually talked about how he was feeling during all of this and he connected with her.  She had some good suggestions for bonding with baby and helping her to know who we are. She also had ideas for helping the boys get along.  :)

I'm still waiting to hear about how this weekend will look for visits but I should have baby overnight again and boys should be coming again on Sunday.  They are trying to work out transportation still.

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