Tuesday, April 15, 2014


I got behind in blogging after each visit.  Things have been busy but all is going well!  Far better than we had expected at this point.

Last Wednesday we had our normal afternoon at the park visit and it was a lot of fun.  Grandma came  since Joseph had a busy week at work.  We took oldest boy to his baseball game afterwards like we've been doing and enjoyed that extra time with him.  It makes for a long day but is worth it to see the kids!

On Friday there was a big meeting to discuss several issues that had come up in the transition plan, not issues on our part or on the kids' part.  That lasted over 2.5 hours and left me exhausted for the rest of the day.  It will all be fine in the long run though.

On Saturday they brought middle boy G to us for his first overnight.  We had a great day full of playdough, McDonald's, Walmart and the park.  Joseph got home early enough to play with the boys for a while while I cooked dinner.  It all went smoothly and allowed for Nehemiah and G to have some fun and bonding together.  G fell asleep after a while and actually slept in the next morning! I told him we are "practicing to be a family" and that Joseph and I love him and want to be his mommy and daddy forever when he asked why he was spending the night.  (On Sunday when it was time to take him back, G said, "I not go back to ----, I stay with you ever!") So sweet!

On Sunday, they brought oldest boy J to us and Grandma came over.  We played a while then decided to do water balloons.  That was fun and Grandma got soaked!  We had lunch and went to the park.  Time went way too fast and it was time to take them back already.  J gave me some of the first unprompted hugs that day so it was really sweet.  He mentioned his turn spending the night the following weekend so I know he is ready for that!  We found out yesterday we actually get to keep him for 2 nights this coming weekend so I am very excited!

We didn't get to see baby I at all this weekend so that was sad.  The boys kept asking about her! We will get an extended visit this Wednesday though so that will be fun.  We just have to find things to do all day in the city we are meeting in.

Things are progressing and goodbyes are very hard now.  Can't wait until they can all move in! I miss them all so much in between visits.

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