Saturday, February 11, 2012

Back to a "dumb" phone...

Well, today we made the switch! We cancelled our "smart phones" and went to plain old $19 pre-paid flip phones! We haven't been so happy in a long time! How weird is that? The Verizon worker said "you don't hear about someone wanting to do that everyday!" LOL

You see, in this adoption process we are trying to be financially smart and we are re-evaluating our budget over and over to see how we can cut back and save more. By switching cell phones today we have freed up an extra $100 every month! That's $1,200 in a year (for those of you with slow math skills like me)!!!

Tonight Nehemiah noticed my new phone and asked why I had that one. I told him we changed to different cell phones so we could save more money to bring his baby sister home. His reply? A HUGE grin! I LOVE that kid!

So this saving money and adoption thing is a blessing all around. We are becoming better stewards of the income God has given us; we are deciphering better between needs, wants and gluttonous excess. Nehemiah is learning that we are obedient to God's plans for our family, that it is important to save money and that sometimes we must sacrifice for those we love (even if we don't even know her yet)!

Awesome, huh?!?!?

Blessed BEYOND measure,


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