Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What I'm Reading Right Now

So I'm reading this amazing book right now called "Kisses From Katie". It is so eye-opening and heart-wrenching as to the true plight of orphans and people in other places. The author, Katie, went to Uganda as an 18 year old and fell in love with the people and country. (I had a glimpse of this on my mission trip to Guatemala...LOVE IT THERE, AND THE PEOPLE? ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! We would have totally stayed if our son was with us!) Back to Katie...she started out with a one year stint working as a teacher and helping in an orphanage there.  She didn't want to come back to America for the "normal" college education, although she did for one semester.  Her heart was and is in Uganda. Her writing style is so honest, poetic and intensely descriptive that I have been moved to tears every time I sit down to read it.  I have gained so much spiritual insight from her and God has used her book to speak to me about many things so far while reading it. She is an amazing testimony of what God can and will do with a life surrendered fully to Him.  She is living out true faith every second of the day. As a single 22 yr old she has adopted 14 orphans so far! Check out the book here.
As a middle-class American I really have no clue what it means to be hungry, to struggle or to live in poverty.  According to some standards, I grew up in poverty, but I never realized it. We always had plenty of food to eat, clean clothes and a nice roof over our heads. We were well educated and cared for. All of the things I had growing up would be considered luxuries compared to a large part of the rest of the world! We take so much for granted!

God has called us to care for the "least of these", "to look after orphans and widows in their distress" and "to love your neighbor as yourself." If we are not even aware of how other people are living and struggling then how can we be obedient to His commands? I challenge you to read this book and have your heart broken for the things of God! Also check our Katie's blog here.

If you order the book, please shop via my amazon link so that I get a part of the commission to help fund our adoption. It is no extra cost to you to order through my link here! Thanks!

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  1. I bought that book a few weeks ago and it's next on my list to read :-) Can't wait!


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