Friday, February 17, 2012

Learning Fun!

Roll the dice, add up the dots and mark the sum on the paper! He LOVED this!

Here are our home school highlights from this week! We continued to use some of the worksheets from the Jake and The Neverland Pirates Kindergarten pack from last week. We did several activities with coin money and a couple Valentine's activities, as well as educational iPad apps, reading books galore, working on some speech activities, pronunciation, playing Legos and pretend!

As you can tell from the variety of clothing choices on Nehemiah in the pictures, we have found that we do not sit down for an extended home school time all at once (for now). I used to beat myself up about this. I seriously thought I wasn't "doing" home school because we weren't at the table starting by 8 am or doing it all at once. Nehemiah cannot sit still that long and finds worksheets boring if I give him too many at one time (Who doesn't?!?!?). I can tell already that my traditional educational mindset (having grown-up in public schools) is going to be greatly challenged in the schooling of Nehemiah. He is a very active learner to say the least! It actually works to our benefit to spread it out throughout the day and right now we have the flexibility to do so. It also helps that our BIG boys have homework/tutoring time after dinner each school night from 6:30-8 pm and Nehemiah usually asks for some homework then too! Mostly I try to have worksheets, activities and concepts prepared in advance for the next week or two so that when I have spare time, when he is in a cooperative mood and when he is asking for home school/homework that I am ready! We mostly try to keep learning fun but also stimulate that BIG brain of his!
Links to the cool books above are here and here.

 Money Bingo with Coins
 Character name matching from Jake Pack.

 An iPad app called Sight Words by Little Speller
 Matching and gluing the rhyming words in the correct category.

 He asked me to draw an oval and triangle so he could cut them out. Then I spelled the words and he wrote them all by himself!
Practicing his name!

Hope you all had a great week too!  Anyone know how to make the pics smaller and to have more of them together? like in a 3X3 grid?  I've seen it on some blogs and couldn't figure out how to condense this anymore!



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  1. Miah, the best part about home school is getting to do your work in your jammies or your underwear. I love the pictures and my valentine.


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