Thursday, May 24, 2012

Adoption: Square One

We are still at square one pretty much. I have not updated lately on adoption because there isn't really anything new to write.

We are praying about whether to pursue domestic or international adoption and if internationally, which country God is leading us to. We are also needing direction on which agency to use. There are so many great ones! We of course need direction when the time comes to know what child is right for our family and circumstances.

We are continuing to save money, cut back on expenses and stick to our budget so that when we have some clear direction we will have a financial head start.

Please join us in praying through these decisions. We know God will show us what we need to do at the right time!



  1. Praying with you! I would recommend waiting to choose an agency until you know which country you're considering. Give me a call if you want to discuss any of this - I know there are so many things to consider!

  2. Just wondering- are you looking into infant adoption or are you open to adopting an older child?


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