Friday, May 18, 2012

Small changes

So just a quick update on how my new approach is going.  See this post if you missed it. 

So far I have been making a good start towards tracking my eating.  I have not done it everyday.  I can definitely tell that I eat much better on the days that I do track.  I deliberately consider each food and portion instead of stuffing my face eating carelessly. One helpful tool I like to use is an app called my fitness pal.  You can track calories as well as activity.  I especially like the scan feature where I can scan a barcode on a food item and it pulls it up in their database!  At the end of a day you can pick "complete this day" and it will tell you that if you continue to eat like this particular day how much you'd weigh in 5 weeks.  Kinda cool and very encouraging! There are many other helpful tools out there similar to this...find what works for you!

I have also been eating out less at restaurants and cooking at home.  GASP! I know, hard to believe right???? Conveniently though, we have decided to put our vast Dave Ramsey knowledge into practice this month and live on a cash/envelope system with our money.  We have loosely followed his principles for years but haven't ever quite made it to using cash and sticking to "when the envelope is empty, you can't have/do that." Amazing concept don't ya think??? That's kind of how Americans have gotten into this economic crisis...spending what we don't have...but that's a whole other issue!

I am going to continue to track my foods and eat out less.  I am going to try to increase my water intake and take a walk each day.  I'll aim to periodically update on how I am doing at making these small changes and hopefully we will see some improvement in my health!

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