Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Response to Anonymous


Thank you for commenting. I appreciate the fact that we have free speech and you're entitled to having your own opinion. I think, however that you may have misunderstood that this was not a rant about the sin of others, but a sharing of my heart and the burden and questioning I have felt in grappling with these situations (along with various other situations and events around the world). I'd like to address a few issues that you brought up. 

Never did I call anyone out on sin. In fact I almost changed the name of the post to "heartache and evil in this world" immediately after I posted since I never really touched on the idea of sin.  The only mention of sin is that evil entered the world because of sin. You are, in fact the one who named my sister and the two teachers as having sinned. Personally, I think that is between each of them and God. 

I did say I have seen devastation in the world around me due to wrong choices.
I did say, "how can normal people make such wrong choices?" and in this case I was thinking of my friends that are teachers and their situations.  I do not think it was too bold to imply a sexual relationship with a child is wrong. I cannot think of anyone who would not agree with the immorality of a sexual relationship with a child. Pertaining to these situations, I have wondered what my friends have struggled with and how they must have been hurting to lead them to make a choice like that. I have wondered about their husbands and if their marriages will be reconciled.  I hurt for them and for the hurt that has been multiplied to all involved. 

You have attacked me as if my whole post was about my sister but this actually had nothing to do with Jessica. I simply mentioned that I had a similar time of questioning and soul searching when she was sick. I neither said nor implied any of those horrible things you assumed I think. I also have not thought or felt those things personally. I do not appreciate you telling me what I think. Ex: you think God is punishing your sister.  No actually I don't.  My sister and I have a great relationship and you should read the things we have written regarding each other on our blogs. Here, here and here

Regarding your comments on sin being sin and equal: I agree that all sin is equal in God's eyes and it separates us from God.  We ALL have sinned and continue to mess up (see Romans 3:23). On earth we do not always see the consequences of some sins, others we do.  Other times God waits until the day that person stands before him, giving the person every chance to turn from a life of sin. I would never presume to name something specifically as being the punishment of God.  I am not God, nor do I pretend to be. Only he holds the power to judge and punish. My post was not judging anyone, but your comment is full of judgements and assumptions about me, my relationship with Jessica and my theology/beliefs. 

I agree that God is good and wants good for people. When a person asks for forgiveness, God removes their sin "as far as the east is from the west" and justifies them in his eyes. God freely forgives and loves. "The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance." (2 Peter 3:9 NIV)

Theoretical question: Suppose a man kills your mother in a burglary. You go to court to see justice done. Evidence is presented and the man is guilty without any doubt. When time for the judge to make a judgement, he announces that the man simply gets community service and is free to go. You protest but the judge explains that all crimes get the same equal consequence to be fair because all crimes are equal. Is this judge good and just? No, obviously not, but according to your statement this would make the judge "truly just." This would not ever be true justice. 

I agree that one of the deepest human needs is to love and be loved. I am so thankful for a loving and compassionate God that has forgiven me of all of my sin and failures and continues to do so. In the case of my sister, I was among some of the first people she told and I have been nothing but supportive and loving towards her. I think she is amazing and brave (as I've said many times). 

In regards to the two teachers: I clearly stated that they are friends and have been since childhood. They still are.  If I were living locally, I would be reaching out in more tangible ways than just through email. I wish so badly to just hug them! In fact I have had this post floating around in my head for a week but couldn't gather my thoughts until the 22nd, which is one of these women's birthday.  I prayed she would have a stress-free, joyful birthday despite all that is going on. 

Why do bad things happen to good people? This is a common question that baffles our human mind. You must have assumed that I was not including my teacher friends in with the "good people" part of this question, but I did. They are good women, excellent teachers and wonderful moms! 

I am genuinely sorry for the hurt and pain you have suffered in the past that was made worse by people who claimed to be Christians.  I am sorry that they made you feel you were terrible and unlovely. If they made you feel like that then they were not responding as Jesus would have. Unfortunately, this happens often in this fallen world. I wish with all of my being that this was never the case. 

My hope is that this further explanation would clarify some of my thoughts in my post. 

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