Friday, March 23, 2012

Impressed by a furniture store?

If you have ever been to an IKEA you know that you can be impressed by a furniture store. Besides IKEA though, can you think of another awesome furniture store that goes above and beyond? I couldn't until our trip to Mississippi.

We stopped by Miskelly Furniture and it was awesome! It is family owned and operated all over the state of Mississippi with Christian values at its core. The main things I loved were Christian music playing, a beautiful globe statue with the Great Commission engraved on it in the foyer, a carousel for kids to ride for only $1(with proceeds going to a local school), free drinks in the cafe, Scripture verses on the walls throughout, and really sweet and friendly employees. The woman working the carousel spoke to the kids by name and was just precious. She was reading her Bible when we walked up!

The furniture was gorgeous and the prices seemed great! I know whenever we are in the market for furniture I will gladly buy it from there!

Not sure what came over me to want to blog about a furniture store on a Friday night, but here ya go!


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