Friday, March 23, 2012

Trip to NOLA turned into a trip to MS! Pt. 1

I had mentioned that we had some days off this week and were getting away to New Orleans but that didn't end up happening how we planned.  There were several reasons and maybe I'll be able to explain in the next few weeks. The less complicated reasons being that Nehemiah threw up just 30 minutes down the road and we were just so exhausted and did not want to drive 5 hrs!  We had a good time regardless.  I mainly have negative things to say about Mississippi because we usually have less than par experiences when we travel through there.  But this trip was pretty good, surprisingly! EXCEPT for the Jackson ZOO...poor zoo needs so much work and attention. Nehemiah didn't seem to notice or mind that half the exhibits were overgrown, closed or empty! The best part was the Gibbons that were being engaged irritated by some teenagers and were howling like crazy.

Of course, there is almost never a trip where we don't go to Bass Pro Shop.  I guess a little "redneck" is rubbing off on me!  LOL

I'll do the rest of our pictures in Part 2!


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