Friday, March 23, 2012

Trip to NOLA turned into a trip to MS! Pt. 2

The very best day of our trip was when we went to Winner's Circle Park and the MS Children's Museum. We had a BLAST!  That has got to be the coolest park ever.  I'll let the pictures explain.  Nehemiah also crossed monkey bars for the first time ever by himself...I was so proud of him! My camera was just about dead at the museum so I don't have many pictures from there.
 Next we headed to the Children's Museum!

I wish I had taken more pictures at the museum because it was so much fun!  We spent over 2 hours inside while there was a torrential downpour outside.  One gross fun part was a digestive system exhibit Nehemiah crawled through...he entered the mouth as "food", sat in the munching stomach, continued to crawl through small and large intestines and came down a slide into a giant potty!  LOL  I just died laughing; I'm such a 12 year old when it comes to stuff like that!  I guess that's why I fit so well with a houseful of boys!

So if you are ever in Jackson, MS do check out the Children's museum and this park but DO NOT waste your time at the zoo! 


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