Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patrick's Day homeschool highlights!

We had another fun week in home school and in life in general!  Who wouldn't have fun with a sweet boy like this?!?!?!

This week we checked out a handful of library books and this cool game pictured below.  The library just got these recently and there are all types of subjects! We did the Body Parts book/game this week.

 We also worked on a free kindergarten St. Patrick's Day unit this week.  It was fun and Nehemiah did GREAT on it!  He was being a ham and posing for tons of pictures!
 Today I hid gold coins/treasure all over the house for Nehemiah and one of our other boys to "hunt." They had a BLAST!  We also did "painting" with droppers of colored vinegar on baking soda (even the 10 and 13 year olds enjoyed that!). We still have a skittle activity to do later on, which should be yummy FUN!
 His artwork above is improving so much!  It's so neat to see him starting to draw and make things that look like what he says they are!  LOL I helped with the drawing on the left (the truffula tree and flower). 

Good week, despite being really tired and looking forward to our trip to New Orleans next week! Tomorrow is my 30th birthday and Monday is our 7th wedding anniversary!  How time flies!

So Blessed,


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  1. Awesome Job Nehemiah. I hope you and Daddy have something special planned for mommy's Birthday.

    Love you guys


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